Ntheos Pod 5: First NFT From Death Row

In this week's episode, we interview Keith LaMar, the first man to release an NFT from Death Row.

The Ntheos Team

Last updated on Thu July 29th, 2021

In this episode, we interview a man named Keith LaMar, a Black man who created the first NFT while on Death Row. While serving a murder charge, Keith was sentenced to Death Row after he was the blame of a riot that he wasn’t involved in. Since then, Keith has produced a book, a documentary, composed music, started a nonprofit literacy program, co-hosted a podcast with jazz musician Brian Jackson, and made his first NFT, which was a collaboration of his spoken word and a visual artist. 

The NFT collection is called “Pieces of a Dream”, in homage to Brian Jackson and Gil Scott -Heron’s “Pieces of a Man”. Keith is a man with a phenomenal story, and fell into crypto inadvertently, after people heard his story and wanted to lend a helping hand. Keith’s story is unique, and though he’s not heavily involved in crypto, he forged a way into it. 

At Ntheos, we believe in empowering people through technology and crypto. In talking to Keith, our goal is to bring awareness to his situation and make his story in the crypto space massively known. We hope you take away from this discussion something fruitful and substantial. And we hope you realize that, from where Keith is at in his life, you can still empower yourself. 


Keith, as a prisoner, is NOT allowed to “make” money—not in any form, Crypto or otherwise. In the Pieces of a Dream project, he is not the personal beneficiary of his share of the project, and all proceeds will go to Justice for Keith LaMar, the nonprofit that was started to work toward his liberation. His entering into crypto space is in response to the invitation of Hanifah Walidah, the curator of the project.



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→  www.keithlamar.org 

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Condemned - Updated - Keith LaMar

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