Crypto Creative 2: Real Ian Q

In this week's episode, we speak to Ian Grant, tech entrepreneur, actor, producer, and co-founder of MiFilms.

The Ntheos Team

Last updated on Sat September 4th, 2021

Our guest on this episode is Ian Grant, tech entrepreneur, actor, producer and co-founder of MiFilms. While living in New York, Ian decided to pursue background acting to supplement his income. As a background actor, he learned the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and used his business acumen to work his way up to being a producer, eventually producing and writing his own films. 

Ian and his co-founder, Brittney Franklin, founded MiFilms in 2020. Short for Minorities in Film, MiFilms helps filmmakers who identify as people of color and people with disabilities get funding for their own projects. MiFilms mission is to democratize the film industry by breaking down the barriers and removing the gatekeepers who prevent people of color and people with disabilities from funding their own projects and giving them control over their own narrative. 

MiFilms uses NFT’s and blockchain technology to fund their projects and to build a tight knit community that is about collaboration over competition. To learn more about MiFIlms, or to donate, the information will be located down below. 

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