6. Crypto Creative: Droshik

For our 6th episode, Ondre speaks to electronic music producer and NFT consultant Droshik on his journey into the crypto space.

The Ntheos Team

Last updated on Sat December 18th, 2021

Our guest today is Droshik. Droshik is an electronic music artist based in Chicago.

He discovered NFTs and crypto while watching one of his heroes, Gary Vee, talk about it. Since then he hasn’t looked back. Droshik took it upon himself to create content that educates people who are new to the space with his crypto resource named “EN-EF-What?!”

He also is creating his own NFT project called “GOTU” also known as “Guardians of the Underworld” which is his own creative way to interact with supporters of his, and build a community.

In this interview, Ondre and Droshik discuss how Droshik entered into the crypto space and how he is now an NFT consultant for various artists.

Hope you enjoy it!

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