equity. future. innovation. prosperity.


Equity first.

The world is full of equity that is not distributed equitably. We (politely) think that is bullshit. Ntheos is a digital society that invests in it's community while simultaneuosly allowing for it's community to invest in one another. We believe that widespread creativity infused with distributed capital allocation and the many benefits crypto/blockchain provides will greatly impact the world. Barriers are being reduced to participate in the world economy, middlemen are being removed and trsutworthy transparency now exists in the era of Web 3.0. This will increase the pie exponentially and create a positive sum game for more players. The more people that have a stake, the better. We all eat..


Embrace the Future

Every once in a while, a new technology comes into the world and slowly creates change that will trickle into nearly every part of the world. These disruptive changes require us to learn new things, change our habits and leave our comfortable ways behind. This change can be intimidating but we are better off being apart of it rather than fighting against it. We either ride the wave, create the wave or get swept by the wave. It's our choice and at Ntheos we choose to create it.


Innovation Through Creation

At Ntheos, we believe that innovation and creation are attached to one another. Without encourgaed creation, we lose innovation. Currently, creators across the board are disincentivized to create economically. Gig work has replaced assembly lines and while it offers flexibility, it still stifles creativity. We believe that our society will be better across the board if more people are encouraged to create. And the main way to do that is through offering compensation, giving recognition and allowing an opportunity for community building.


Supercharge Individual Prosperity

Crypto and the decentralized web will change many things, beyond even what we have been used to in regards to the way that the world has previously been handled. Internet technology has eroded layers off of the traditional way of doing things and the third iteration of the web will have the most dramatic impact to date. Intermediaries are no longer needed, time and money is saved and people's ability to prosper through digital means is higher than ever before.