9. Ntheos Pod: Kimani Okearah

Filmmaker, founder of Let Me Out Productions Kimani Okearah, drops knowledge bombs on his new fractionalized ownership model: LMO Structure.

The Ntheos Team

Last updated on Fri January 7th, 2022

This week's episode KG and Ondre speak to Kimani Okearah, a fellow Sacramento native and founder of the production company Let Me Out Productions.

Kimani had a long and successful career in sports media working as a photojournalist, photographing NBA games. After much success in the industry, Kimani shifted his focus on developing on NFTs and filmmaking in 2021 when NFTs started to gain popularity.

Kimani used his skills and experience in media and filmmaking to create a fractionalized ownership model that will change the way shows and films are produced. The name of his structure, called the LMO Structure, aims to properly distribute ownership of a digital property to everyone who was involved in creating it.

Kimani scripted his own television show called "Press Pass" which is supposed to hit the blockchain everywhere late 2022. Press Pass is a satirical show based on Kimani's experience as a sports media journalist. To put his LMO Structure to the test, Kimani is using it on Press Pass.

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