7. Elsa Ramon, Founder of CENT TV

Ondre sits down to speak with Elsa Ramon, a popular crypto media personality and founder of CENT TV.

The Ntheos Team

Last updated on Fri October 22nd, 2021

Our guest today is Elsa Ramon.

Elsa Ramon is a crypto media journalist and co-founder of a new crypto entertainment platform called CENT TV. She hosts her own podcast called “So What About Crypto?” and has a crypto docuseries titled “Adventures in Crypto”. Before she started her crypto media career, Elsa spent 21 years in traditional media as a news reporter and news anchor.

When she heard about Bitcoin in 2018, she decided to leave her job at CBS Los Angeles to pursue an uncharted career documenting and telling stories in the crypto space. In this episode, she sits down with Ondre and tells her story of how she started her journalist career, became a popular news anchor for CBS Los Angeles, finding out about Bitcoin, interviewing major crypto personalities like John McAfee and Roger Ver, to now being co-founder of her new content platform CENT TV and Ovis News.

We hope you enjoy! Elsa's story is evocative and inspiring!

Till then, keep seeking 👁


Stay up to date with Elsa and her journey in crypto down below:

🐦 Elsa’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElsaRamonOnAir

🖥 CENT TV: http://centtv.com/

📠 Ovis News: ovis.news

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